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Sphinxes are quite simple in maintenance and care. People's opinion that the Sphinx needs special "greenhouse" conditions of detention is incorrect. There are several features that when the content of the Sphinx need to be considered.
Eating sphinxes are omnivorous and have an excellent appetite. This is due to increased metabolism due to increased body temperature and lack of hair.
But, despite omnivorous, it is necessary to adhere to a balanced diet.
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Despite the fact that cats met quite a long time and in many countries, the history of Sphynx started in 1966, and oddly enough in Canada when Ontario was born naked kitten from an ordinary cat named Elizabeth. The kitten was nicknamed Prune.When he grew up, he was tied up with his own mother. As a result, in litter was as hairless and normal kittens. In the future breeding as well used close inbreeding - Prune jibe with their daughters and granddaughters.It resulted in the small number of ... Read more »
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Pregnancy cats has drawn to an end. You notice that before calm, she does not want to be alone and follows you everywhere with a quiet meow. Prenatal, that is, the prenatal period is completed, and cat the Sphynx is preparing for a neonatal is from birth to two weeks of age, which today we consider.

Usually, a kitten is born in a "shirt" — a gestational SAC, and the cat itself breaks its teeth, chews through the umbilical cord, licks his muzzle, clearing the mouth a ... Read more »
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