Care for newborn kittens of the Canadian Sphynx


Pregnancy cats has drawn to an end. You notice that before calm, she does not want to be alone and follows you everywhere with a quiet meow. Prenatal, that is, the prenatal period is completed, and cat the Sphynx is preparing for a neonatal is from birth to two weeks of age, which today we consider.

Usually, a kitten is born in a "shirt" — a gestational SAC, and the cat itself breaks its teeth, chews through the umbilical cord, licks his muzzle, clearing the mouth and nose of the baby to breathe. Licked, but not yet fully bahovskih kittens cat paws pushing like shovels in a heap, to his nipples. Healthy kids do not need to be persuaded for a long time: they literally suck to the "nipple", and in the first days in total hang on it for 8 hours! Cat Sphynx continues their dry language, and, lying on his side, pleased and purring, hugging their offspring paws, virtually excommunicated from them.

Relax and you only first remove the dirty (blood stains) litter, put a bowl of water closer to the nest. Give the cat rest, and tomorrow and in the following days you will be with affection and surprise to watch her and kittens, as once Karel Chapek, who owns heartfelt lines about the cat's motherly happiness:

"It's all going to come languor, exposing her maternal feeling; her every movement is full of infinite softness and wariness; her disheveled belly, patiently curved arc back and sensitive feet grasping swarming kittens soft motherly hug: look — we are one flesh. Leaving for a moment its nest, it comes back to Jogging, even from a distance giving voice and purring; at such moments it represents the parent of fanaticism."

Healthy kittens squeak rarely. At birth, the body tempera Tura kittens is the same as the mother, but almost immediately drops a few degrees. Wet baby Canadian Sphinx quickly cooled, so the primary task of the cat-to dry it, vigorously licking. Temperature conditions also affects the temperature of the kittens, and ideally, it should not be above 37,8°C. in newborns, virtually absent subcutaneous fat layer, they have no mechanism for thermoregulation, hypothermia is fraught with slowing of metabolic processes. That's why the nest must be very warm for the first two weeks.

Length of newborn kittens from 11 to 15 cm, weight from 70 to 135 g. This variation is explained by the physical condition of the cat, number of cats, heredity. Kittens are helpless, blind and deaf. Their life depends entirely on the mother, who for the first two weeks establishes with them a very strong connection, the role of which is assigned to smells.

All the energy kittens get from the mother's milk, and in the early days with colostrum. The more energetic the kitten sucks, massaging the skin around the nipple with tiny paws, the more milk is produced in the cat. However, lactating cat needs hard feed, more than the usual 2-3 times. The mammary glands of cats are swell and take the form of two large dense bundles along the belly. Colostrum can begin to stand out in the last day of pregnancy, and after childbirth — only in the first 2-3 days. Colostrum contains antibodies-a barrier to all infections. The greatest amount of it comes to nipples lower abdomen, that's why kittens are born first, grab these "feeders".

Sphynx kittens need to gain weight, increasing it to 8-10 th day half.

The cat continues to monitor the hygiene of the babies, carefully licking their genitals, the anus, massaging the rough tongue stomach. Licking helps correct blood circulation and breathing. She constantly touches them with a mirror of the nose, " marks "his secret, hurries to help comfortably settle down to the"feeder".

Finally, 5-10 day kittens open eyes. Famous cases of the early enlightenment, for example, on 2-3rd day you open your eyes Sphynx. First, there is a narrow slit in one eye, rarely in two. A number of things accelerate or slow this process. The light females before males. On 10-12th day revealed the ear. Kittens react to loud sounds, causing ears in different directions. By the end of the second week, their hind legs will be strengthened to support the body.

Sphynx kittens need to gain weight, increasing it to 8-10 th day half.

All the days of the neonatal period kittens of the Canadian Sphinx to gently but briefly to take in hand — so you can quickly and positively resolve the issues of habituation to people.

Almost immediately after birth to determine the sex of kittens of the Canadian Sphinx. Directed from a tiny anus vertically downwards, a small slit will point to the female, and a round hole (under the anus) — to the male. In addition, seals in the early days of "the bump" are the testes (testicles).

Everyone who first watched the mother cat was probably surprised and even scared by the fact that 2-4-day discovered in the nest no cats or kittens. Pomadasys through the rooms, looking into all the dark corners, "crazy" mother of kittens found and installed in place. Some cats their voyage gripped in the teeth baby are doing right in the eyes dazed from what he saw of the owners. This phenomenon is a very simple explanation: maternal instinct. After lambing, backed by itself, the placenta, and at the same time clean the shelter, the cat calms down for a while. She constantly cares for the kids, licking their allocation, but this is not enough. The smell may still attract predators, and she's saved by the fact that changing the lair, dragging the kittens one by one to a new secluded place. The second relocation cat suit a month after lambing.

The same thing, that is, the "salvation" of the children, the cat performs and in the apartment. As practice shows, her imagination in choosing a secluded place is limitless. Known cases when kittens of the Canadian Sphinx pulled out from under the refrigerator, from the drum of the washing machine, from under the carpet (!), with bookshelves, mezzanines, not to mention dark places like the back streets of the bathroom.

If the great resettlement has begun when you are at home, treat it calmly. Give them the opportunity to move all the kittens, if possible placing for the selected cat to place a towel. Of course, you are convinced of its complete unsuitability, but do not scare the cat, let her rest, and kittens after such transportation should warm up and eat. After some time with this towel take kittens (preferably all at once) at the same place. Sit next to her, pet the cat, talk to her.

ARTIFICIAL FEEDING kittens of the Canadian Sphinx

Sometimes, in case of death of mother, severe illness or other cause, to resort to artificial feeding kittens. An ideal option-cat-nurse, but usually cats transfer on special a mixture. I must say: it is a tough. About full sleep for two or three weeks will have to forget, as the main thing — to observe the feeding regime. Want to save some time, buy the ready dry mix — substitute cat milk (protein, vitamins) and act on instructions. However, these recommendations are applicable only to those who live in big cities, but it happened that kittens fed with a spoon literally what was in the fridge. Importantly, the mixture was warm (in the first week of 38-39 °C), the pose kitty — natural, and the "nipple" that replaces the nipple.

What to fit under the nipple? Perhaps, disposable plastic syringe for subcutaneous injections with quite tight piston. In vivo kittens suck, relying on their hind legs, but front massage the cat's stomach, so to attach to the feeding of a kitten of the Canadian Sphinx iskusstvenniy need on the same sample. Try to build a roller under his front legs. Feed every two hours day and night (!) the first two weeks. The next ten days every two or three hours in the afternoon and once or twice in the night. The next ten days you can feed three to four hours during the day and once at night. The total number of feedings in the first week should be at least 10-12 per day, so take care of the alarm clock for yourself. Milk mixture cools quickly, so keep her at feeding time in the tank with hot water. Before introducing the tip of the syringe into the tiny mouth, coat it with a mixture — let the kitten posmatret one drop. After feeding — toilet i.e. wiping with a damp cloth only Taurus (imitation of licking), and massaging the belly. Watch the" tail " of the umbilical cord, do not forget to keep warm in the nest (28-30 °C) with glass or plastic water bottles wrapped in a soft cloth. Kittens of the Canadian Sphynx orphans to feed you, but also your desire will need exposure. Without any problems they are fed two or three people, replacing each other at night. From the fifth week well gaining weight kittens night feeding is not required. They can be accustomed to solid food — special baby food or boiled fish, chicken, beef, cottage cheese. 

According to the article on E. Lipoxinol "Cotoara" from the journal "Friend of cats" № 3, 2008
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