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Sphinxes are quite simple in maintenance and care. People's opinion that the Sphinx needs special "greenhouse" conditions of detention is incorrect. There are several features that when the content of the Sphinx need to be considered.
Eating sphinxes are omnivorous and have an excellent appetite. This is due to increased metabolism due to increased body temperature and lack of hair.
But, despite omnivorous, it is necessary to adhere to a balanced diet.
There is no need to feed the Sphinx only with natural feeds or only canned feeds, it is better a reasonable combination of those and others, and, of course, the highest quality of dry, canned and natural feeds.
The second feature is that the Sphynxes sweat and get dirty, releasing through the skin a brownish wax-like coating. Probably, this substance is a protection for the skin, devoid of hair. But, too abundant allocation of this substance can say that the animal eats incorrectly (for example, too fatty food) or does not feel very well. It is necessary to find out the reason and eliminate it.
At moderate discharge is sufficient to RUB off, as dirt, the cat with a damp sponge or baby cleansing wipes. If you want, you can bathe the animal, using means for bathing babies or mild shampoo, which has an acidity level of pH 5.5, such as baby shampoo Johnson Baby.
You must remember that everything that is harmful to the child, and harmful to the cat and to adhere to this principle when using human cosmetic and medicines. After bathing, it is necessary to wipe the animal dry and make sure that it does not cool.
The third feature-ear cleaning. Black and brown secretions accumulate in the ears fairly quickly. It does not hinder the cat and cleaning is required in purely cosmetic purposes. Clean with a cotton swab, in process of pollution, and before an exhibition or shooting.
By the way, Sphinx is a photographer's dream. They pose wonderfully, look straight into the lens and are so funny that you can photograph them endlessly. When I go to the country with cats, make sure you take a camera with me, fearing to miss any charming and scenic shots.
Sphinxes, like people, are useful in reasonable quantities sun. Sphinxes of sunbathe and by the end of summer their colors are simply stunning-bright and contrasting, but we must remember that the Sphinx can burn in the sun. It is therefore necessary gradually to accustom the animal to the sun and in the afternoon not to walk them in the sun, it is better to diffuse the shadows. And in General, the animal must be tempered, it should not grow under a glass dome, like a Mimosa.
You need a proper diet, fresh air, in a warm season, exercise. There is no need to cut the Sphinx, you just have to be afraid of drafts and sudden hypothermia. Sphinxes do not need an elevated temperature of content when they are active (i.e. eat, play, etc.), but they prefer to sleep in heat, it is better for the host under the blanket, clinging to the whole body and loudly urcha. And it's nice to sleep with them, they seem designed for this. Of course, the sphinxes have healing powers.
They feel pain points on our body and immediately fit there with their naked hot body. 
Adults sphinxes of fall sick rarely. In the case of infection heal fast enough, while maintaining immunity to the disease for life. This is due to the increased body temperature. Kittens and young animals, especially respiratory diseases, are more prone to infections. Therefore, the content of sphinxes required their vaccination.
The sphinxes are good at taking it at any age. For kittens it is better to use inactivated vaccine, at least in the first stages of vaccination, as live vaccine can sometimes cause complications - kittens begin to get sick with the same virus, although modified and weakened, but alive, which is present in the vaccine. Adult animals vaccinated with a live vaccine carry easily and usually without complications.
Puberty occurs in sphinxes at the same time as in other breeds of cats, i.e. about a year. The final formation of the animal occurs to one and a half years. The first estrus in cats can be from 5 to 12 months, depending on heredity. Cats reach sexual maturity around the year, and marks nearly half of them.
The number of kittens in a litter varies from 2 to 5, but usually 3-4 kittens. Sphinxes normally give birth, the tendency to the disease is not observed. Kittens are born naked, all in the crease, and like fledgling Chicks.
The less kitten fur, golee it will be in the future. Eyes open very early, 3-4 days. Ears in kittens hanging like puppies and up to about 3 weeks, and the more ears the Sphinx, the more they hang down and later up. Kittens are very active and intelligent, they develop intellectually before physically.
Like all breeds difficult is the period of weaning from the mother and the transition to independent feeding. It is necessary to monitor the condition of the kittens and at the first sign of diarrhea to take immediate action, as syncada because of the increased metabolism, faster lose their vitality. There is also a need to monitor the absence of sources of respiratory infections.
The appearance of small sphinxes is unique, it is impossible not to fall in love with them. They look like a Cheburashka and a dinosaur at the same time. They are very eared, naked, all folded, including legs and tail, and they are worn around the room, loudly stomping like a herd of hedgehogs, pressing their ears to the back, and if they fall, then there is a loud slap, as if on the table threw a leather wallet.
And they, like naughty little children. Of course, cats they do not consider themselves. They are intelligent, easy to learn, aimed at people, get along well with any breeds of cats, dogs, and other animals.
I would also like to emphasize one of the significant advantages of the breed - these cats can include people who suffer from allergies to wool or unable to care for Persian long hair.
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